The perfect event management company

Basith Kunimal
1 min readFeb 3, 2020


So I’ve been thinking. What does a good event management company really do. And why haven’t I thought of hiring one for my cousin’s upcoming wedding?

For me, I needed some professional help to do things like

  • Catering (First and most important)
  • Bridal Makeover
  • Booking an auditorium on time
  • Sound & Lights
  • Setting up a Kalyana Mandapa
  • Costumes, outfits, uniforms, dress codes
  • DJ, although I wasn’t sure about this (It was a wholly different party)
  • House decor

If it weren’t for the wedding I could’ve used an Event management company to take care of my company’s Corporate event or maybe my friends parents anniversary or perhaps simply to give my little cousin the perfect Birthday party.

Recently my brother had a college event. It was a ‘College Fest’ and the best I’ve seen yet. I could imagine a great team behind it. Or event a simple event like exhibition. All these events could be way better with a good team of experts to conduct & forsee them.

I’d now like to introduce you a team of such experts. The DC Events Event Management Company. They undertake all kinds of parties, events. Basically everything I mentioned above & more. Go checkout their website. They do some cool stuff.



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